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LinkML schema for cell cards.



Class Description
Database An abstract holder for any set of metadata and data. It does not need to correspond to an actual managed database top level holder class. When translated to JSON-Schema this is the 'root' object. It should contain pointers to other objects of interest
CellCard General cell card class from which more specific cells inherit.
NamedThing A databased entity or concept/class
OntologyClass None
AttributeValue The value for any value of a attribute for an entity. This object can hold both the un-normalized atomic value and the structured value
QuantityValue A simple quantity, e.g. 2cm
ImageValue An attribute value representing an image.
TextValue A basic string value
UrlValue A value that is a string that conforms to URL syntax
PersonValue An attribute value representing a person
Activity A provence-generating activity
Agent A provence-generating agent


Slot Description
object_set Applies to a property that links a database object to a set of objects. This is necessary in a json document to provide context for a list, and to allow for a single json object that combines multiple object types
cell_card_set This property links a database object to the set of cell cards within it.
id A unique identifier for a thing.
It MUST be either a CURIE shorthand for a URI or a complete URI
name A human readable label for an entity
title A name given to the entity that differs from the name/label programatically assigned to it.
description A human-readable description of a thing.
alternative_names A list of alternative names used to refer to the entity.
The distinction between name and alternative names is application-specific.
alternative_descriptions A list of alternative descriptions for the entity.
The distinction between desciption and alternative descriptions is application-specific.
alternative_identifiers A list of alternative identifiers for the entity.
alternative_titles A list of alternative titles for the entity. The distinction between title and alternative titles is application-specific.
email An email address for an entity such as a person. This should be the primarly email address used.
websites A list of websites that are assocatiated with the entity.
url Links an entity to a URL.
display_order When rendering information, this attribute to specify the order in which the information should be rendered.
has_unit Links a quantity value to a unit
has_numeric_value Links a quantity value to a number
has_minimum_numeric_value The minimum value part, expressed as number, of the quantity value when the value covers a range.
has_maximum_numeric_value The maximum value part, expressed as number, of the quantity value when the value covers a range.
term pointer to an ontology class
orcid The ORICD of a person.
profile_image_url A url that points to an image of a person.
language Should use ISO 639-1 code e.g. "en", "fr"
copyright Copyright attribution for a work.
image_caption A caption placed on the image.
image_height The height of the image.
image_width The width of the image.
image_bit_rate The bit rate of the image.
image_encoding_format The format (typical a MIME format) used to encode the image.
started_at_time None
ended_at_time None
was_informed_by None
was_associated_with None
acted_on_behalf_of None
was_generated_by None
used None
description_images Images that are included as part of the general description of the cell.
obo_id The namepace and identifer portion of an OBO ontology class (e.g., CL_0000000).
ontology_definition An ontology's definition of an entity.
cell_hierarchy An image (and associated information) showing where the cell fits within an ontology hierarchy.
anatomical_location The antatomical location of the cell as defined by the cell onotogy and/or UBERON.
connections_and_vicinity None
lineage None
gene_ontology_associations None
biomarkers None
expressed_ligands None
expressed_receptors None
neighborhood_cell_types None
gene_expression_profiles None
pathways_and_functional_maps None
cell_images None
cell_line_cells None
clinical_significance None
references None


Enums Description